I am a grown up.

I realized yesterday that I finally feel like I’m an adult.

When I was younger, I thought you were supposed to feel like an adult when you hit 18. When I was 18, I thought maybe I’d feel like an adult when I was 21. At 21, I thought maybe 25. At 25, I figured, I’d just always feel like me, and maybe me felt like a kid. Or maybe my entire generation (moving back home after college, getting married later, job hopping, establishing careers before families) would never really grow up.

But now, at 29.4 years old, I feel like an adult. Why? I’m not sure exactly, but these things came to mind when I asked myself this question.

  • Medical issues, or realizing your own mortality. Being diagnosed with possible (pre?)-cancerous cells, needing to weigh the pros and cons of surgery vs. other options. The increasing need to take care of your body and eat healthier. Various and ubiquitous aches and pains.
  • Being trusted with the responsibility of making decisions for someone else. Especially life or death decisions.
  • Learning about parenting. Feeling like you’d be ready to handle being a parent. Even though there are so many conflicting types of parenting styles/methods, being confident that you’ll figure it out and being excited to try.
  • Thinking about the world outside of yourself. Being aware of other people’s feelings. Doing things for the good of the community, the world.
  • Being in a stable, loving relationship. Not having to deal with drama, trust issues, jealousy, etc. that tend to drag people down. Knowing that you can talk things through, support each other in life, and bring out the best in each other.
  • General maturity and self-awareness. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. Feeling comfortable with yourself and true with others. Having an open and discerning mind. Patience and calmness. Knowing that you don’t know everything.

It was an interesting realization for me. And life goes on.

  • 5 years ago
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